The Daily Journal 2-0.2

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Name:The Daily JournalPopularity:4%
Author:Kartik PatelEMail:letapk
Home Page: (1455 visits)
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The Daily Journal (fltdj) is a Personal Information Manager which manages daily notes, appointments, to-do lists, contacts, addresses, alarms, etc. It keeps track of daily notes, (or a diary, or a journal of your activities), along with daily appointments and alarms for them, an address book of your contacts, a list of holidays (or anniversaries) as well as things to do.


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ID Title Last Modified Comment(s) top right image
  1258The DailyJournal 2, version 0.4Nov 30, 20120  

A new version of The Daily Journal 2 is available

  1255The Daily Journal 2, version 0.3Nov 13, 20120  

A new version of The Daily Journal 2 is available.

  1242The Daily Journal 2 2-0.2Oct 01, 20120  

The Daily Journal 2, version 0.2

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