uCFLTK (FLTK For Microcontrollers) 0.0

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Name:uCFLTK (FLTK For Microcontrollers)Popularity:5%
Author:Mike PearceEMail:mike
Created:Apr 23, 2009
Updated:Apr 25, 2009
Home Page:http://www.kiwacan.co.nz/fltk/ (1593 visits)
Download:http://www.kiwacan.co.nz/fltk/ (1176 visits)

uCFLTK - A very cut down version of FLTK for Micro Controllers.
 This project is just an idea at the moment but this is what I am thinking of....


  • Targeted at TFT displays (QVGA, WQVGA etc)
  • Similar structure and operation to FLTK
  • Uses current FLTK widget functions... but simplified
  • Reworked to operate in 'C' as most micro-controllers don't have C++ compilers
  • Targeting a single hardware/basic drawing layer file to port to other micro-controllers
  • Initial target processor is the Microchip PIC32
  • Needs to have a very small footprint

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      902uCFLTK (FLTK For Microcontrollers) 0.0Apr 24, 20090  

    ucFLTK - a simplified FLTK for Microcontrollers

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