Bridge Calculator 13.11.0

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Name:Bridge CalculatorPopularity:9%
Author:Piotr BelingEMail:qwak
Home Page: (3254 visits)
Download: (1443 visits)

Bridge Calculator is the set of freeware, multiple languages programs that solve problems in the Bridge card game. It includes the program which quickly solves the double dummy problem, has both graphical (fltk2) and console-based interface. It can imports deals from many formats (e.g PBN, BBO .lin). Another program solves single dummy problem and has Graphical User Interface (in fltk2). There is also a program that generates cards distributions using multiple-threads. It is console-based and scriptable in Lua. C API to double-dummy solver is also available.


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  765Bridge Calculator 0.6Dec 11, 20070  

Bridge Calculator - freeware program which solves problems in the Bridge card game.

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