flimsel 0.1.0

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Author:Johannes HofmannEMail:Johannes.Hofmann
Home Page:http://www.ecademix.com/JohannesHofmann (1545 visits)
Download:http://www.ecademix.com/JohannesHofmann/flimsel-0.1.0.tar.gz (973 visits)

flimsel is a minimalistic digital image browser based on the fltk toolkit. It displays thumbnails of images given on the command line. It is intended to be used in digital image processing shell scripts. flimsel uses the very fast epeg library by The Rasterman (Carsten Haitzler) for JPEG thumbnail generation. flimsel outputs keybord hotkeys and file names of selected images to stdout. Images whose filenames are written to stdin will be reloaded. The flimsel.sh script in the examples directory uses this to implement basic image manipulations on selected images.


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ID Title Last Modified Comment(s) top right image
  668flimsel 0.0.1Nov 11, 20060  

Initial release of flimsel a minimalistic image browser

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