BP-ANNA (Artificial Neural Network) 1.9.2

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Name:BP-ANNA (Artificial Neural Network)Popularity:10%
Author:Edmanuel TorresEMail:eetorres(at)gmail.com
Home Page:http://eetorres.googlepages.com/fltk_en (3600 visits)
Download:https://github.com/eetorres/bpanna (1716 visits)

BP-ANNA (Artificial Neural Network Architecture) is an efficient object oriented Back-Propagation artificial neural network library developed to nicely fit the FLTK library. The training algorithms include the Step Descent, Conjugate Gradient and Levenberg-Marquardt. The distribution include the source code and a two demo applications for Linux systems. BP-ANNA is very flexible to set multiple inputs, layers, neurons per layer and outputs in a simple way. There is a graphical neuronal network structure visualizer.

The input data file are columns in plain text format. There are few examples in the bin directory. The outputs are taken from the last column backward to the first. So if the matrix has four columns you can take maximum the last three ones as outputs.

Get the latest version with Git:

$ git clone https://github.com/eetorres/bpanna.git

or Zip file



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ID Title Last Modified Comment(s) top right image
  1136BP-ANNA (Artificial Neural Network) 1.9.2Nov 30, 20110  

BP-ANNA 1.9.2 released

  1132BP-ANNA (Artificial Neural Network) 1.9.1Nov 25, 20110  

BP-ANNA 1.9.1 released

  1053ANNA (Artificial Neural Network) 1.9Mar 13, 20110  

Minor bugs fixed...

  807ANNA (Artificial Neural Network) 1.5Apr 07, 20080  

ANNA 1.5 released with several improvements and bug fixes.

  657ANNA (Artificial Neural Network Architecture) 1.0Oct 10, 20060  

ANNA 0.2 released

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