OctPlot 0.2.61

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Author:Shai AyalEMail:shaiay
Home Page:http://sourceforge.net/projects/octplot/ (2571 visits)
Download:http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=86268 (1410 visits)

A handle graphics package for Octave, the Free alternative to matlab.

OctPlot provides quality postscript(TM)/eps/pdf and screen graphics. It is tested under Linux, cygwin, and OSX

Octplot uses OpenGL under FLTK. It is not a stand alone application, rather it is intended to run under the control of Octave.

Parts which might be of general interest to developers using FLTK:

1. anti-aliased, scaleable rotateable texture based text using the FTGL library (look at text.{cpp,h} and ftglfontmanager.{cpp,h}). I had to have rotateable text for the y-axis label and so had to abandon FLTK's text handling which does not (and will not in the future) support rotations

2. quality ps/eps output using the gl2ps library

3. quality conversion from eps to pdf/jpeg/png using ghostscript (look at print.m)

... ?


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  503OctPlot 0.2.61Sep 16, 20050  

This version fixes some bugs and actually compiles and runs !!

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