FLDev 0.5.7

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Author:Philipp PrachtEMail:hardl
Home Page:http://www.hardl.de/fldev/ (5679 visits)
Download:http://www.hardl.de/fldev/download.php (2075 visits)

FLDev is an IDE designed for older systems and small C/C++ Applications and is based on the Editor described in the FLTK Manual.


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ID Title Last Modified Comment(s) top right image
  535FLDev 0.5.7Dec 04, 20050  

FLDev 0.5.7 released

  489FLDev 0.5.6Aug 23, 20050  

I added language file support and fltk-docdir setup and fixed the compatibility bug with cpp-reference and a few other minor bugs.

  456FLDev 0.5.5Jun 05, 20050  

New release.

  436FLDev 0.5.4Apr 24, 20050  

I fixed a few bugs, e.g. the Transparency of the App Icon, the missing undo-feature in the menu, the window hiding after calling fluid, etc...

  431FLDev 0.5.3Apr 17, 20050  

FLDev has now a Smarticon Bar.

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From bibothekid, 04:37 Mar 17, 2005 (score=3)

Yes, very nice. I have tried the 0.5.2 Version. It is simple, fast and stable. Very good job.

I miss the debug menu. I think this will come sone...or?

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From hardl, 05:55 Mar 25, 2005 (score=3)

Because i was asked many times, i will add debugging in one of the next releases.
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