YapBib beta 0.99r1

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Version:beta 0.99r1License:GNU GPL
Author:Jason CorsoEMail:jcorso
Created:Jul 28, 2003
Updated:Jul 28, 2003
Home Page:http://www.cs.jhu.edu/~jcorso/yapbib (2591 visits)
Download:http://www.cs.jhu.edu/~jcorso/yapbib/download.html (1622 visits)

Yapbib is Your Annotated Personal Bibliography. This program allows you to manage your body of literature research, include annotations per author and per literature-entry, organize and categorize the entries for your specific projects, perform queries on the entries, and export contents on the bibliograpy database in BibTex form. Yapbib uses no external database to keep the software small and manageable. It's database is in ASCII form that is easily read into other programs or modified by hand. It also stores a cached copy of each article in PDF format making YapBib your "one-stop-shop to your bibliography!"


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  189YapBib beta 0.99r1Jul 28, 20030  

The first beta release of YapBib: a simple program written using FLTK that allows you to manage your bibliography in a sane fashion.  Export to Bibtex files for inclusion in your articles.

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