Gled 1.2.5

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Author:Matevz TadelEMail:matevz.tadel
Created:Jun 28, 2003
Updated:Jun 14, 2005
Home Page: (8643 visits)
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Gled is a C++ framework for rapid development of applications with support for GUI (using FLTK), 3D-graphics and distributed computing. It extends the ROOT framework (standard data-analysis tool in high-energy physics) with mechanisms for object collection management & serialization, multi-threaded execution, GUI auto-generation (object browser & editor) and dynamic visualization (OpenGL).

Distributed computing model of Gled is a hierarchy of nodes connected via TCP/IP sockets. Gled provides authentication & access control, data exchange, proxying of object collections and remote method-call propagation & execution.

Gled can be dynamically extended with library sets. Their creation is facilitated by a set of scripts for creation of user-code stubs. Simple tasks and application configuration can be efficiently done via the interactive C++ interpreter (CINT).

Gled is used for development of programs in high energy physics and as a research tool in distributed and grid computing.

GUI features:

  • auto-generated object control widgets presenting controls for all exported object members variables, methods and aggregation-facilites (object-pointers and containers)
  • browser for arbitrary object graphs with editing facilities and drag-and-drop support
  • integrated mechanisms for (remote) object instantiation
  • object context-menu for browsing & execution of (remote) method invocation requests
  • GUI control over server-client-viewer system and clustering (using Gled introspection where server-client tree is represented as a Gled object graph)
  • zoom control for all fonts and widgets (laptop-friendly)


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ID Title Last Modified Comment(s) top right image
  1364Gled 1.4.1May 03, 20140  

Release focus: a couple of minor improvements in Gled and bug-fixes in external software.

  460Gled 1.2.5Jun 14, 20050  

Gled 1.2.5 encompasses many usability improvements stemming from the development of Event Visualization Framework for the ALICE experiment

  357Gled 1.2.4Jan 07, 20050  

Method invocation requests (Gled's RPC) can now execute in a dedicated thread (excellent for starting longer computations, remote queries and/or animations). Some improvements have been introduced in the class-catalogue infrastructure, build syste...

  289Gled 1.2.3Jun 17, 20040  

Object deletion is now fully functional (using reverse-references). Handling of MIRs (Gled's RPC) now properly delivers run-time exceptions to remote callers; postponed MIR execution is now possible.  Enums can now automatically produce menu widgets...

  228Gled 1.2.2Nov 20, 20030  

An elaborate infrastructure for authentication and authorization has been implemented. Method Invocation Requests (Gled's RPC) can be executed in synchronous mode with arbitrary datagram as the return value. Queens offer a directory service with a...

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