Electronic solver 0.0

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Category:Wiki/Software/Science and EngineeringRating:
Name:Electronic solverPopularity:7%
Author:Hans YpermanEMail:hansyperman at gmx dot net
Home Page:http://users.skynet.be/yperman/hans/solver/ (2470 visits)
Download:http://users.skynet.be/yperman/hans/solver/ (1170 visits)

A program to solve electronical circuits.  Right now you can solve everything linearly solveable, even with complex values.  A generic plotting utility makes it possible to query random parameters, e.g. for making bode plots.  This is more intended for experimenting than for serious circuit solving.


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  314Electronic solver 0.0Sep 04, 20041  

A program to solve electronical circuits.

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From Anonymous, 11:13 Oct 07, 2004 (score=2)

That's a very nice, clean and compact application. A good reference for FLTK. Even though I don't know what solving electronical circuits means or it is good for, I like this program very much :)
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From Anonymous, 01:56 Sep 19, 2004 (score=1)

It seems to work, however it would be better if you would hardcode colors because now there is the same problem as with fluid, users which have dark color schemes have black font on dark background and can't see anything.
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