aPcStudio 0.6.5

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Author:Martin HenneEMail:Martin.Henne
Home Page:http://apcstudio.sourceforge.net (2706 visits)
Download:http://apcstudio.sourceforge.net (1514 visits)

aPcStudio is a wavefile editor and digital sound studio for linux (a windows version follows). Since April 28th, Version 0.6.5(alpha) is available for testing.


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  66aPcStudio 0.6.5Apr 29, 20020  

Version 0.6.5 alpha of aPcStudio now has a compressor and limiter, as well as new algorithms for reverb and echo.

  45aPcStudio 0.6.0Feb 15, 20020  

V0.6.0alpha is out!

  40aPcStudio 0.5.9Jan 21, 20020  

latest release is aPcStudio-0.5.9 alpha

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From lm, 07:56 Oct 10, 2012 (score=3)

After a few failures building this, I finally managed (with quite a bit of patching) to get this to build successfully and display the GUI using mingw (version 4.6.2) and FLTK 1.3.  If anyone wants the patches, post and let me know.
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