flxine 0.6.1

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Author:Nate StuartEMail:newt
Home Page:http://flxine.newtsplace.com (3951 visits)
Download:http://flxine.newtsplace.com/flxine-0.6.1.tar.gz (2327 visits)

A xine media player interface using the FLTK library for all gui display and control.


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  142flxine 0.6.1Feb 17, 20034  

flxine a FLTK+xine media player using the xine 1.0 api and fltk 1.1.2 libraries

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From lm, 05:51 May 25, 2010 (score=3)

If you're having any trouble building flxine, there's a SlackBuild script with a few patches at http://vectorlinux.osuosl.org/veclinux-6.0/source/testing/x-apps/flxine/0.6.1/src/flxine.SlackBuild I've been able to get it build on Linux (Deli, Absolute and Vector) and also on FreeBSD with a few tweaks.
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From ianmacarthur, 13:08 Apr 20, 2008 (score=3)

Given link appears dead - Greg has graciously offered to temporarily host the last version available, in case anyone needs it...


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