ZynAddSubFX 1.0.0

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Version:1.0.0License:GNU GPL v. 2
Author:Nasca PaulEMail:zynaddsubfx AT yahoo D0T com
Home Page:http://zynaddsubfx.sourceforge.net/ (1619 visits)
Download: (157 visits)


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  88ZynAddSubFX 1.0.0Sep 25, 20020  

1.0.0 - Initial Relase

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From Portale, 13:30 Mar 14, 2005 (score=3)

This is a great piece of software, Paul!

I didn't notice it until now (it deserves more advertising), tried it today on Windows and am really impressed! Aside from being a fantastic software synthesizer, it is a great example for an FLTK cross platform multimedia application.

This is a must download.
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From eltomito, 15:09 Feb 12, 2020 (score=3)

You should replace this with an entry for Yoshimi. https://github.com/Yoshimi/yoshimi It's the continuation of ZynBlahBlah that's still alive.
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