Extreme Wave 0.2.1 [Stale links 2015-04-09]

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Name:Extreme Wave 0.2.1Popularity:7%
Version:[Stale links 2015-04-09]License:GPL
Author:James Dean PalmerEMail:james
Home Page:http://ewave.seul.org/ (2430 visits)
Download:http://ewave.seul.org/#downloads (1114 visits)

Extreme Wave is a free 3d modeling system based on Guile and Fltk that currently emphasizes povray export.  This should be considered "alpha software" intended for developer consumption.  Latest Release: 4-18-99


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From engelsman, 11:17 Apr 09, 2015 (score=3)

The links are dead. Maybe the author can post new links if the project is still alive
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