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  • iMage 1.0

    iMage is a simple, powerful, free brainstorming whiteboard. It is best for illustrating an idea pictorially. It can be used as a diagramming or drawing tool. Using only the Escape key and Left mouse button, any kind of drawings can be created quickly on iMage. Drawing can be saved and later edited. iMage always try not to lose any drawings created by you. Being a small and simple tool it needs no installation. Needs no extra libraries. Needs no more than 1.5 MB! iMage has most intuitive interface. While explaining your ideas to others, iMage never wastes your time in drawing things.

  • KasoVerb 3

    KasoVerb allows complete split-second conjugation of verbs in English, Spanish, and Italian--in any order. Twenty-two columns of verb-related information allow tense-related comparisons in any or all three languages

    built using latest FLTK 1.4.x

    14APR2022 - markjolesen updated home page url removed download url

    18FEB2020 - markjolesen updated link, version 3, using 1.4 git branch

    21SEP2011 - markjolesen changed field `Name' in FLTK project listing form, from `KASO Verb Conjugation System' to `KasoVerb'


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