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  • D+ Browser 0.5a

    DPlus is a graphical web browser with an emphasis on security, performance and portability.  DPlus currently supports Windows, DOS, OS X and Unix systems.  DPlus is a fork of Dillo that works on more platforms than Dillo.

  • dillo 3.0.5

    Dillo Web browser is a very fast, extremely small Web browser that's written in C and C++. The source is around 600 KB, and the static binary is about 980 KB. It is a graphical browser built upon FLTK-1.3, and it renders a good subset of HTML and CSS, excluding frames, JavaScript, and JVM support.

  • ProzGUI 2.0.5beta

    ProzGUI is an excellent download manager with some special abilities not found in other open-source counterparts. For instance it features the much requested downloading the same file from multiple servers simultaneously based on FTPSearch results. ProzGUI has proxy support for proxy users, and better redirection facilities and bandwith limiting support, downloading from multiple servers simultaneously based on ping times returned from for the file It supports adding url's, resuming, preferences, and a couple of other basic features. It should speed up the downloads depending on the number of connections you make and the type of connection you have by as much as 200-300% generally.

  • SpiritVNC - FLTK 0.6.0

    SpiritVNC - FLTK is a VNC viewer that allows you to have many simultaneous connections open and allows you to switch between them efficiently. Besides regular VNC connections, SpiritVNC also supports VNC-through-SSH for encryption and more secure connections. Also supported are reverse or 'listening' VNC connections as well as an auto-scan function that displays one VNC viewer for a user-defined time, then automatically displays the next connected viewer and so-on. SpiritVNC is based on the FLTK toolkit, which is lightweight, easy on resources and is available on many platforms.

    SpiritVNC - FLTK currently compiles and runs on macOS, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenIndiana and experimentally on Windows 10 and 11. The program requires the following properly installed libraries and development packages:

    • FLTK 1.3.4 or newer
    • libvncserver and/or libvncclient
    • Working SSH client accessible through ssh command

    The pkg-config program is also required for building. macOS users should use Homebrew to install the necessary dependencies.  Windows users should install MSYS2 and build SpiritVNC-FLTK within that environment.

    SpiritVNC - FLTK screenshot

  • [Stale links 2015-04-09] flifstat 2006-11-08

    flifstat is a simple FLTK-based bandwidth usage monitor that uses SNMP queries to collect the bandwidth usage (both incoming and outgoing) for interfaces on a network device like a router, printer, or server.


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