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class Fl_Tooltip

Class Hierarchy


Include Files

    #include <FL/Fl_Tooltip.H>


The Fl_Tooltip class provides tooltip support for all FLTK widgets.


void delay(float f);
float delay();

Gets or sets the tooltip delay. The default delay is 1.0 seconds.

int enabled();

Returns non-zero if tooltips are enabled.

void enable(int b = 1);

Enables tooltips on all widgets (or disables if b is false).

void disable();

Same as enable(0), disables tooltips on all widgets.

void enter(Fl_Widget *w);

This method is called when the mouse pointer enters a widget.

void enter_area(Fl_Widget* widget, int x,int y,int w,int h, const char* tip)

You may be able to use this to provide tooltips for internal pieces of your widget. Call this after setting Fl::belowmouse() to your widget (because that calls the above enter() method). Then figure out what thing the mouse is pointing at, and call this with the widget (this pointer is used to remove the tooltip if the widget is deleted or hidden, and to locate the tooltip), the rectangle surrounding the area, relative to the top-left corner of the widget (used to calculate where to put the tooltip), and the text of the tooltip (which must be a pointer to static data as it is not copied).

void exit(Fl_Widget *w);

This method is called when the mouse pointer leaves a widget.

void color(unsigned c);
Fl_Color color();

Gets or sets the background color for tooltips. The default background color is a pale yellow.

void font(int i);
int font();

Gets or sets the typeface for the tooltip text.

void hoverdelay(float f);
float hoverdelay();

Gets or sets the tooltip hover delay, the delay between tooltips. The default delay is 0.2 seconds.

void size(int s);
int size();

Gets or sets the size of the tooltip text.

void textcolor(unsigned c);
Fl_Color textcolor();

Gets or sets the color of the text in the tooltip. The default is black.

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From nentwig (GuessWho, 06:38 Mar 05, 2004 (score=1)

If you want to add a tooltip to a widget, use widget->tooltip("some text");
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