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class Fl_Free

Class Hierarchy

Include Files

    #include <FL/Fl_Free.H>


Emulation of the Forms "free" widget. This emulation allows the free demo to run, and appears to be useful for porting programs written in Forms which use the free widget or make subclasses of the Forms widgets.

There are five types of free, which determine when the handle function is called:

    #define FL_NORMAL_FREE		1
    #define FL_SLEEPING_FREE	2
    #define FL_INPUT_FREE		3
    #define FL_CONTINUOUS_FREE	4
    #define FL_ALL_FREE		5

An FL_INPUT_FREE accepts FL_FOCUS events. A FL_CONTINUOUS_FREE sets a timeout callback 100 times a second and provides a FL_STEP event, this has obvious detrimental effects on machine performance. FL_ALL_FREE does both. FL_SLEEPING_FREE are deactivated.


Fl_Free(uchar type, int, int, int, int, const char*l, FL_HANDLEPTR hdl)

The constructor takes both the type and the handle function. The handle function should be declared as follows:
    handle_function(Fl_Widget *w,
                    int       event,
    	        float     event_x,
    		float     event_y,
    		char      key)
This function is called from the the handle() method in response to most events, and is called by the draw() method. The event argument contains the event type:
    // old event names for compatability:
    #define FL_MOUSE		FL_DRAG
    #define FL_DRAW			0
    #define FL_STEP			9
    #define FL_FREEMEM		12
    #define FL_FREEZE		FL_UNMAP
    #define FL_THAW			FL_MAP

virtual Fl_Free::~Fl_Free()

The destructor will call the handle function with the event

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