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class Fl_File_Icon

Class Hierarchy


Include Files

    #include <FL/Fl_File_Icon.H>


The Fl_File_Icon class manages icon images that can be used as labels in other widgets and as icons in the FileBrowser widget.



The constructor creates a new Fl_File_Icon with the specified information.


The destructor destroys the icon and frees all memory that has been allocated for it.

short *add(short d)

Adds a keyword value to the icon array, returning a pointer to it.

short *add_color(short c)

Adds a color value to the icon array, returning a pointer to it.

short *add_vertex(int x, int y)
short *add_vertex(float x, float y)

Adds a vertex value to the icon array, returning a pointer to it. The integer version accepts coordinates from 0 to 10000, while the floating point version goes from 0.0 to 1.0. The origin (0.0) is in the lower-lefthand corner of the icon.

void clear()

Clears all icon data from the icon.

void draw(int x, int y, int w, int h, Fl_Color ic, int active = 1)

Draws the icon in the indicated area.

static Fl_File_Icon *find(const char *filename, int filetype = ANY);

Finds an icon that matches the given filename and file type.

static Fl_File_Icon *first()

Returns a pointer to the first icon in the list.

void label(Fl_Widget *w)

Applies the icon to the widget, registering the Fl_File_Icon label type as needed.

static void labeltype(const Fl_Label *o, int x, int y, int w, int h, Fl_Align a)

The labeltype function for icons.

void load(const char *f)

Loads the specified icon image. The format is deduced from the filename.

void load_fti(const char *fti)

Loads an SGI icon file.

static void load_system_icons(void)

Loads all system-defined icons. This call is useful when using the FileChooser widget and should be used when the application starts:


void load_xpm(const char *xpm)

Loads an XPM icon file.

const char *pattern()

Returns the filename matching pattern for the icon.

int size()

Returns the number of words of data used by the icon.

int type()

Returns the filetype associated with the icon, which can be one of the following:

  • Fl_File_Icon::ANY, any kind of file.
  • Fl_File_Icon::PLAIN, plain files.
  • Fl_File_Icon::FIFO, named pipes.
  • Fl_File_Icon::DEVICE, character and block devices.
  • Fl_File_Icon::LINK, symbolic links.
  • Fl_File_Icon::DIRECTORY, directories.

short *value()

Returns the data array for the icon.

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