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class Fl_Check_Browser

Class Hierarchy

Include Files

    #include <FL/Fl_Check_Browser.H>


The Fl_Check_Browser widget displays a scrolling list of text lines that may be selected and/or checked by the user.


Fl_Check_Browser::Fl_Check_Browser(int, int, int, int, const char * = 0)

The constructor makes an empty browser.

int Fl_Check_Browser::add(const char *)
int Fl_Check_Browser::add(const char *, int)

Add a new unchecked line to the end of the browser. The text is copied using the strdup() function. It may also be NULL to make a blank line. The second form can set the item checked.

void Fl_Check_Browser::check_all()

Sets all the items checked.

void Fl_Check_Browser::check_none()

Sets all the items unchecked.

int Fl_Check_Browser::checked(int item) const
void Fl_Check_Browser::checked(int item, int b)

The first form gets the current status of item item. The second form sets the check status of item item to b.

void Fl_Check_Browser::clear()

Remove every item from the browser.

int Fl_Check_Browser::nchecked() const

Returns how many items are currently checked.

int Fl_Check_Browser::nitems() const

Returns how many lines are in the browser. The last line number is equal to this.

int Fl_Check_Browser::remove(int n)

Remove line n and make the browser one line shorter. Returns the number of lines left in the browser.

void Fl_Check_Browser::set_checked(int item)

Equivalent to Fl_Check_Browser::checked(item, 1).

char *Fl_Check_Browser::text(int item) const

Return a pointer to an internal buffer holding item item's text.

int Fl_Check_Browser::value() const

Returns the index of the currently selected item.

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