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class Fl_Box

Class Hierarchy

Include Files

    #include <FL/Fl_Box.H>


This widget simply draws its box, and possibly it's label. Putting it before some other widgets and making it big enough to surround them will let you draw a frame around them.


Fl_Box::Fl_Box(int x, int y, int w, int h, const char * = 0)
Fl_Box::Fl_Box(Fl_Boxtype b, int x, int y, int w, int h, const char *)

The first constructor sets box() to FL_NO_BOX, which means it is invisible. However such widgets are useful as placeholders or Fl_Group::resizable() values. To change the box to something visible, use box(n).

The second form of the constructor sets the box to the specified box type.


The destructor removes the box.

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From aum, 10:48 Jan 28, 2008 (score=3)

Need hyperlink to the box types enums
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