fltk::xpmFileImage Member List

This is the complete list of members for fltk::xpmFileImage, including all inherited members.
_draw(const Rectangle &) const fltk::SharedImage [virtual]
_measure(int &W, int &H) const fltk::Image [virtual]
add_handler(Handler f)fltk::SharedImage [static]
buffer() const fltk::Image
buffer_changed()fltk::Image [inline]
buffer_depth() const fltk::Image
buffer_height() const fltk::Image
buffer_linedelta() const fltk::Image
buffer_pixeltype() const fltk::Image
buffer_width() const fltk::Image
depth() const fltk::Image [inline]
dh() const fltk::Symbol [inline]
draw(int x, int y) const fltk::Image
draw(const Rectangle &r) const fltk::Image [inline]
draw(const Rectangle &from, const Rectangle &to) const fltk::Image
draw_diced(const Rectangle &R)fltk::Image
draw_symbol_overlay(const Rectangle &) const fltk::Symbol [virtual]
dw() const fltk::Symbol [inline]
dx() const fltk::Symbol [inline]
dy() const fltk::Symbol [inline]
fetch()fltk::xpmFileImage [virtual]
fetch_if_needed() const fltk::Image
fills_rectangle() const fltk::Image [virtual]
fltk::Image::find(const char *name)fltk::Symbol [static]
fltk::Image::find(const char *start, const char *end)fltk::Symbol [static]
fltk::SharedImage::get(const char *n)fltk::SharedImage [static]
fltk::SharedImage::get(SharedImage *(*create)(), const char *name, const uchar *datas=0)fltk::SharedImage [static]
get_filename() const fltk::SharedImage [protected]
get_filename(const char *)fltk::SharedImage [static]
Handler typedeffltk::SharedImage
height() const fltk::Image [inline]
Image(const char *name=0)fltk::Image [inline]
Image(int w, int h, const char *name=0)fltk::Image [inline]
Image(PixelType p, int w, int h, const char *name=0)fltk::Image [inline]
Image(const uchar *d, PixelType p, int w, int h)fltk::Image [inline]
Image(const uchar *d, PixelType p, int w, int h, int linedelta)fltk::Image [inline]
inset(Rectangle &r) const fltk::Symbol [virtual]
is_frame() const fltk::Symbol [virtual]
iterate(int &index)fltk::Symbol [static]
label(Widget *o)fltk::Image
linebuffer(int y)fltk::Image
measure(int &w, int &h) const fltk::Symbol [inline]
mem_used() const fltk::Image
fltk::Image::name(const char *)fltk::Symbol
pixeltype() const fltk::Image [inline]
refetch()fltk::Image [inline]
reload(const uchar *datas=0)fltk::SharedImage
remove_handler(Handler f)fltk::SharedImage [static]
set_cache_size(unsigned l)fltk::SharedImage [static]
set_inset(const Rectangle &r)fltk::Symbol [inline]
set_root_directory(const char *d)fltk::SharedImage [static]
setimage(const uchar *d, PixelType p, int w, int h, int linedelta)fltk::Image
setimage(const uchar *d, PixelType p, int w, int h)fltk::Image [inline]
setpixels(const uchar *d, const Rectangle &, int linedelta)fltk::Image
setpixels(const uchar *d, const Rectangle &r)fltk::Image [inline]
setpixels(const uchar *d, int y)fltk::Image
setsize(int w, int h)fltk::Image
Symbol(const char *name=0)fltk::Symbol
test(const uchar *datas, unsigned size=0)fltk::xpmFileImage [static]
text(const char *s, unsigned n)fltk::Symbol [inline, static]
text()fltk::Symbol [inline, static]
text_length()fltk::Symbol [inline, static]
total_mem_used()fltk::Image [inline, static]
width() const fltk::Image [inline]
~Symbol()fltk::Symbol [virtual]