1 /* gl.h
3  GL to OpenGL translator.
4  If you include this, you might be able to port old GL programs.
5  There are also much better emulators available on the net.
7 */
9 #include <FL/gl.h>
10 #include "gl_draw.H"
12 inline void clear() {glClear(GL_COLOR_BUFFER_BIT|GL_DEPTH_BUFFER_BIT);}
13 #define RGBcolor(r,g,b) glColor3ub(r,g,b)
14 #define bgnline() glBegin(GL_LINE_STRIP)
15 #define bgnpolygon() glBegin(GL_POLYGON)
16 #define bgnclosedline() glBegin(GL_LINE_LOOP)
17 #define endline() glEnd()
18 #define endpolygon() glEnd()
19 #define endclosedline() glEnd()
20 #define v2f(v) glVertex2fv(v)
21 #define v2s(v) glVertex2sv(v)
22 #define cmov(x,y,z) glRasterPos3f(x,y,z)
23 #define charstr(s) gl_draw(s)
24 #define fmprstr(s) gl_draw(s)
25 typedef float Matrix[4][4];
26 inline void pushmatrix() {glPushMatrix();}
27 inline void popmatrix() {glPopMatrix();}
28 inline void multmatrix(Matrix m) {glMultMatrixf((float *)m);}
29 inline void color(int n) {glIndexi(n);}
30 inline void rect(int x,int y,int r,int t) {gl_rect(x,y,r-x,t-y);}
31 inline void rectf(int x,int y,int r,int t) {glRectf(x,y,r+1,t+1);}
32 inline void recti(int x,int y,int r,int t) {gl_rect(x,y,r-x,t-y);}
33 inline void rectfi(int x,int y,int r,int t) {glRecti(x,y,r+1,t+1);}
34 inline void rects(int x,int y,int r,int t) {gl_rect(x,y,r-x,t-y);}
35 inline void rectfs(int x,int y,int r,int t) {glRects(x,y,r+1,t+1);}
FL_EXPORT void gl_rect(int x, int y, int w, int h)
Outlines the given rectangle with the current color.
Definition: gl_draw.cxx:286
This file defines wrapper functions for OpenGL in FLTK.