class Fl_File_Browser

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The Fl_File_Browser widget displays a list of filenames, optionally with file-specific icons.


Fl_File_Browser(int xx, int yy, int ww, int hh, const char *l = 0)

The constructor creates the Fl_File_Browser widget at the specified position and size.


The destructor destroys the widget and frees all memory that has been allocated.

void iconsize(uchar s)
uchar iconsize() const

Sets or gets the size of the icons. The default size is 20 pixels.

void filter(const char *pattern)
const char *filter() const

Sets or gets the filename filter. The pattern matching uses the fl_filename_match() function in FLTK.

void filetype(int type)
int filetype() const

Sets or gets the file browser type, FILES or DIRECTORIES. When set to FILES, both files and directories are shown. Otherwise only directories are shown.

int load(const char *directory, Fl_File_Sort_F *sort = fl_numeric_sort)

Loads the specified directory into the browser. If icons have been loaded then the correct icon is associated with each file in the list.

The sort argument specifies a sort function to be used with fl_filename_list().