Article #930: bracket 1.0.0 (beta)

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Article #930: bracket 1.0.0 (beta)

Created at 19:29 Sep 01, 2009 by eastern_strider

bracket makes HDR imaging easy for everyone. Using bracket you can create HDR images using nothing but a standard digital camera.

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From engelsman, 23:57 Sep 01, 2009 (score=3)

Maybe an oversight, but does this use FLTK1 or FLTK2? There's no mention of FLTK at all on the home page, nor is there source code in the download to check!
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From eastern_strider, 07:01 Sep 02, 2009 (score=3)

I've used fltk 1.1.9. Clicking the "About" button in the application tells that UI is designed with fltk. But I can more clearly state in the homepage that bracket is designed with fltk.

Thanks, Oguz
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