Article #884: What third party widgets are available for FLTK?

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Article #884: What third party widgets are available for FLTK?

Created at 03:34 Feb 07, 2009 by engelsman

Last modified at 06:12 Apr 08, 2015

This article is an attempt to summarize third-party widgets that are available as add-ons for FLTK. I think these only apply to FLTK-1. The toolkits provide additional support classes, but only the major widgets are included here.

Some of the links in the FLTK/Wiki/Software pages are dead, but searching the web throws up the following which currently work.

Disclaimer: I haven't used these widgets, just looked at their docs.


[2015-04-08] Link above is dead:

Fl_Calendar             FLEK/ui   Date input (graphical)
Fl_Date_Input           FLEK/ui   Date input field
Fl_Dockable_Window      FLEK/ui
Fl_Gripper              FLEK/ui   Grab point for dragging
Fl_Stock_Button         FLEK/ui   Common buttons
Fl_Time                 FLEK/ui   Time input field
Fl_Toggle_Tree          FLEK/ui   Tree with collapsible branches

Fl_Gl_Arcball_Window    FLEK/gl   Fl_Gl_Window (rotatable)
FArcball_Control        FLEK/gl   3D rotation control
FDolly_Control          FLEK/gl
FTrans_Control          FLEK/gl   Translation conrtol
FZoom_Control           FLEK/gl



Flv_List                FLVW      List widget (large complex lists)
Flv_Table               FLVW      Table/grid widget (complex data)


Fl_Value_Slider_Input   FLEWS     Fl_Valuse_Slider with text
Fl_Value_Input_Spin     FLEWS     Fl_Value_Input with spinner
Fl_Spin                 FLEWS     Spin button
Fl_Ball                 FLEWS     3D ball widget (virtual trackball)
Fl_Multi_Value_Slider   FLEWS     Slider with multiple segments
Fl_Pack_2D              FLEWS     Fl_Pack with multi column/row


[2015-04-08] Link above is dead:

Flmm_ColorA_Button      FLMM      Button showing RGB with alpha
Flmm_ColorA_Chooser     FLMM      Chooser for RGB with alpha
Flmm_Cursor_Shape       FLMM      Custom mouse pointer creation
Flmm_Filename_Input     FLMM      Text input with file chooser button
Flmm_Message            FLMM      Message dialog with fold out info area
Flmm_Popup_Window       FLMM
Flmm_Scalebar           FLMM      Scroll widget for/using? vector graphics
Flmm_Tabs               FLMM      Fl_Tabs with pulldown menu
Flmm_Unit_Value         FLMM      Input and slider combination
Flmm_Value_Output       FLMM      Fl_Value_Output plus printf
Flmm_Value_Positioner   FLMM      Combined value input field


[2015-04-04] Link above is dead: no other source found

Fl_Ext_CheckButton      FLX       Fl_CheckButton with symbols
Fl_Ext_ColorButton      FLX       Button showing RGB with alpha
fl_ext_color_chooser    FLX       Chooser for RGB with alpha
Fl_Ext_CompassDial      FLX       Fl_Dial with compass display
fl_ext_date_chooser     FLX       Date/time selection dialog
fl_ext_file_chooser     FLX       File selection dialog
Fl_Ext_InertSlider      FLX       Output only slider (for progress meter)
Fl_Ext_LockButton       FLX       Toggle button with image
fl_ext_page_setup       FLX       Printer page setup dialog
Fl_Ext_TreeBrowser      FLX       Simple tree browser


[2015-04-08] Link above is dead:

Flu_File_Chooser        FLU       File chooser dialog (a la Win32)
Flu_Tree_Browser        FLU       Hierarchical data browsing widget
Flu_Button              FLU       Fl_Button with colour change
Flu_Return_Button       FLU       Fl_Return_Button with colour change
Flu_Link_Button         FLU       Hyperlink (underlined text, hand cursor)
Flu_Combo_List          FLU       Fl_Choice with editable input area
Flu_Combo_Tree          FLU       Fl_Choice with tree selector
Flu_Dial_Slider         FLU       Fl_Slider with hi and lo sliders
Flu_Simple_Group        FLU       Fl_Group with title on frame
Flu_Toggle_Group        FLU       Fl_Group with toggle on frame
Flu_Choice_Group        FLU       Fl_Group with choice on frame
Flu_Collabsable_Group   FLU       Fl_Group with collabse button on frame
Flu_Wrap_Group          FLU       Fl_Group with row/column/scrolling
Flu_Progress            FLU       Fl_Slider progress bar
Flu_Progress_Meter      FLU       Progress bar with elapsed/remaining time
Flu_Spinner             FLU       Input field with spinner
Flu_DND                 FLU       Drag'n'drop mixin class


Fl_Table                ERCO      Generic row/column widget
Fl_Input_Choice         ERCO      Fl_Input and Fl_Choice combination
Fl_Native_File_Chooser  ERCO      Interface widget for OS file chooser
Fl_Gel_Tabs             ERCO      Fl_Tabs with aqua style
Fl_Matte_Button         ERCO      FL_Button with matte style
Fl_Fixed_Group          ERCO      Fl_Group with edge anchor points

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From jameshurt, 23:27 Dec 18, 2018 (score=3)

I think these only apply to FLTK-1.

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From infowoman, 10:58 Aug 16, 2012 (score=3)

I'm doing some research for my company on widget toolkits and was wondering if FLTK had a widget for "Tip Hovering"?
Reply ]

From engelsman, 12:37 Aug 21, 2012 (score=3)

In FLTK 1.3.0, the FL_Widget class, which is the base class for all of the other widgets in the hierarchy, has tooltip() member functions for getting and setting the text that appears when the mouse pointer hovers over the widget. IIRC the behaviour is handled via the FL_Tooltip class.

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