Article #865: Fltk for Tcl/Tk 1.0

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Article #865: Fltk for Tcl/Tk 1.0

Created at 12:18 Nov 19, 2008 by iain.b.findleton

Tcl/Fltk Version 1.0 is a production ready release of this extension package that runs on Linux and Windows platforms. The current release has been extended with several additional mega-widgets that make application development even easier and faster. Some widgets have been enhanced to support use on touch screen platforms such as hand-helds like the Openmoko Freerunner.

The internal design of this package has been modified to improve performance and to eliminate some issues related to platform GUI differences such as differing X server implementations. The package itself is now provided as an RPM or DEB archive, and also as an IPK archive for use on the Freerunner.

Documentation has been updated an extended. Numerous example scripts are provided, along with screen shots of all of the supported widgets.

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