Article #802: FLTK 1.3.0 open for development

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Article #802: FLTK 1.3.0 open for development

Created at 15:34 Mar 27, 2008 by matt

FLTK 1.3.0 will be the direct successor to FLTK 1.1.8, sporting the addition of UTF-8, Doxygen-based manuals, a bunch of new widgets, and a handful of other features including printing. A more detaile development plan will be available soon.

A few words on versioning:

FLTK 1.2 is no longer supported, but some of its features will flow into 1.3. FLTK 2 uses a quite different API than FLTK 1.3. Both version will remain incompatible for quite a while, until a merge of APIs and code base may become feasible. [ Listing ]


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