Article #789: FLTK 1.1.8rc1 released

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Article #789: FLTK 1.1.8rc1 released

Created at 03:07 Feb 27, 2008 by matt



  • Documentation fixes (STR #1454, STR #1455, STR #1456,
              STR #1457, STR #1458, STR #1460, STR #1481, STR #1578,
              STR #1639, STR #1645, STR #1644, STR #1792, STR #1793,
              STR #1742, STR #1777, STR #1794, STR #1827, STR #1843,
              STR #1796, STR #1815, STR #1726, STR #1753, STR #1855,
              STR #1862, STR #1867, STR #1874)
  • Fixed image read for partial regions on X11
              (STR #1716)
  • Fixed KDE/Gnome icon paths (STR #1795)
  • Fixed Tab key to wrap around menu bars (STR #1877)
  • Fixed possible timer leak in Scrollbar (STR #1880)
  • Added documentation about the potential limitations
              of Fl::grab on newer operating systems (STR #1747)
  • Fixed lockout when mixing popups and alerts
              (STR # 1869)
  • Fixed recursion crash in event handling (STR #1873)
  • Fixed missing return code in 'fltk-config' (STR #1875)
  • Fixed inconsistencies with CHANGED flags (STR #1719)
  • Fixed message sent to hidden widgets (STR #1849)
  • Fixed width calculation in Fl_Help_View (STR #1868)
  • Fixed offset bug in OS X pixmap code (STR #1856)
  • Fixed potential buffer overrun
              in Fl_Preferences (STR #1853)
  • Fixed method attributes in consecutive class
              declarations in FLUID (STR #1741)
  • FLUID checks for seperately declared callbacks to
              avoid a bogus "extern" declaration (STR #1776)
  • Added "protected" class memebrs in FLUID
  • Double-clicking a widget in a FLUID layout will show
              the item in the widget browser
  • Fixed color highlighting in Text_Display
  • Fixed 16 bit PNM image support (STR #1847)
  • Fixed exposure event on zero size windows (STR #1824)
  • Fixed overlay offset for OS X Quartz (STR #1729)
  • gl_font() support for Xft+X11 (STR #1809)
  • Fl_Gl_Window::mode() needed to hide and show the window
              when toggling stereo mode (STR #1846)
  • Fl_Gl_Window::show() did not work reliably on Mac OS X
              (STR #1707)
  • Added Fl_Group::clip_children() methods to support
              automatic clipping of child widget drawing (STR #1844)
  • Fl_Browser_ and friends now support FL_WHEN_ENTER_KEY
              for both Enter/Return and double-clicks (STR #1818)
  • Fl_Help_View did not release the images it used (STR
  • Shared libraries would not build on 64-bit Linux
              systems with an existing non-PIC FLTK installation
              (STR #1791)
  • Fl_Browser::hide() and Fl_Browser::show() did not
              correctly update the scrollbar (STR #1724)
  • The configure script now shows a summry of the
              configuration results (STR #1810)
  • "fltk-config --use-... --libs" did not list all of the
              dependent libraries (STR #1799)
  • Hiding a nested window on WIN32 caused 100% CPU (STR #1748)
  • Changing the window size in FLUID would not mark the
              project as modified (STR #1751)
  • Fixed fl_filename_isdir for "/"-path (STR #1761)
  • Fixed Fl_Chart drawing (STR #1756)
  • Fixed mapping of subwindows with unmapped parent
              windows (STR #1706)
  • Fixed rendering of grayscale images with alpha
              channel (STR #1703)
  • Fixed occasional incomplete refresh (STR #1681)
  • Improved fl_down, fl_frame, added fl_box (STR #1678)
  • Fixed selection of submenu items in
              input_choice (STR #1676)
  • Fixed calculation of stride for image scaling and
              color manipulation (STR #1673)
  • Made -O3 the default optimization on Cygwin/Mingw since
              -Os currently creates bad code (STR #1656)
  • OSF/Tru64 now uses 'install-sh' instead of 'install' to
              accomodate for a missing '-d' option (STR #1632)
  • New option in Fluid project settings to translate all
              shortcut modifiers from FL_META or FL_CTRL to FL_COMMAND
  • Made icon size fixed (50x50) in fl_message etc. (STR #1626)
  • Fixed selection of first word in Fl_Help_View
  • Fixed endless loop in Fl_Text_Display (STR #1655)
  • Allowing shortcuts in Tabs (STR #1652)
  • Fixed Makefile "make clean" (STR #1642,
              STR #1643, STR #1641)
  • The sample RPM spec file now enables large file support
              and threading support (STR #1603)
  • Changed minimum contrast between background and text to
              99 and added more weight to the blue component to improve
              readability for certain color combinations (STR #1625)
  • Fixed VCNet OpenGL project file (STR #1617)
  • Fixed scrolling of clipped areas in MSWindows (STR
  • Fixed clipping in OS X Quartz offscreen buffers (STR
  • Now flush file chooser preferences after every change to
              avoid data loss (STR #1609)
  • The Fl_File_Chooser constructor now saves and restores the
              current group (STR #1611)
  • Added Fl::awake(fn*,void*) to set a handler for thread
              messages (STR #1536)
  • Added "mute sound" option to Sudoku game.
  • Updated the bundled zlib to v1.2.3.
  • Updated the bundled libpng to v1.2.16.
  • "make install" now uses the install command (or the
              included install-sh script) to copy files to the
              install directories, to ensure that permissions are
  • Fixed DLL generation via MingW/Cygwin (STR #1546)
  • FLUID incorrectly opened the display when generating
              source code for Fl_Help_View widgets (STR #1318)
  • Fl_Double_Window did not always show the scheme
              background image.
  • Fixed first window behavior in OS X (STR #1548)
  • Fixed calculation of character widths for OS X
              Quartz rendering (no STR)
  • Fixed OS X mouse click handling (STR #1504)
  • Added missing GLUT functions so that FLTK can be used
              as a fairly complete C++ replacement for the original
              GLUT library (STR #1522)
  • Fl::awake() could block on X11 and OSX (STR #1537)
  • Updated recursive mutex code to run on platforms other
              than Linux and to do a run-time check to determine
              whether they are supported by the kernel (STR #1575)
  • WIN32 did check callbacks after the event processing instead of
              before as documented (STR #1535)
  • Fl_File_Chooser now hides the window before doing a callback
              when the user clicks on the OK button (STR #1565)
  • Fixed indentation of nested HTML elements (STR #1549)
  • Made layout of Fl_Help_Dialog consistent with other
              help windows and web browsers.
  • Improved GTK+ schemed round box (STR #1531)
  • Fluid avoids writing unsupported combinations of the
              "when()" flags (STR #1501)
  • Fl_Browser_ would allow keyboard callbacks even though
              "when()" was set to "never" (STR #1501)
  • Added automated little helpers to Sudoku
  • Added example code for Wizard with the
              Tabs demo (STR #1564)
  • Optimized Fl_Tabs drawing for speed (STR #1520)
  • OS X resource fork now obsolete (STR #1453)
  • Added chapter 10 about multithreading (STR #1532,
  • OS X system menu bar top level attribute support
              improved (STR #1505)
  • Fixed Quartz image drawing bug (STR #1438)
  • Fixed Quartz fl_read_image
  • Overlay drawing is now avoiding XOR mode (STR #1438)
  • Fixed Scroll crash in Fluid Live Mode (STR #1524)
  • Fixed mousewheel event propagation (STR #1521)
  • Fixed drawing issues of a tile in a scroll (STR #1507)
  • Fixed dismissing buttons in menu bars (STR #1494)
  • Making a child group visible in a Fl_Tabs or Fl_Wizard
              group now shows that tab or pane.
  • Added fl_open_uri() function as proposed on
  • Added Fl::has_check() which previously was prototyped
              and documented, but not implemented (STR #1542)
  • Enabled Fl::add_check() on OS X (STR #1534)
  • Documented tooltip inheritance (STR #1467)
  • Better event mouse handling fixing detached menus and
              sticky tooltips (STR #1463, STR #449)
  • Added Fl::scrollbar_size() methods that are used by all
              of the scrollbar-using widgets (STR #1500)
  • fl_read_image() was broken on Intel-based Macs (STR
  • Fl_Progress was using the wrong width to calculate
              progress (STR #1492)
  • Fl::x(), Fl::y(), Fl::w(), and Fl::h() did not report
              the desktop work area on X11 (STR #1482)
  • Shortcut events could be sent to the wrong window (STR
  • Fl_Spinner did not handle the arrow keys properly (STR
  • Fl_File_Browser did not calculate the width of
              directory items correctly (STR #1469, STR #1470)
  • Fl_Pack incorrectly started widgets at an offset of 1/2
              the spacing value.
  • FLUID did not generate correct window class code if
              the class name was not a standard FLTK window class.
  • FLUID incorrectly included <FL/Fl_classname.H> for
              widget classes that were not subclassed from a standard
              FLTK widget class.
  • The demo master test program now supports scheme
              selection and all demos use it (STR #1459)
  • fl_arc() and fl_pie() did not draw properly on WIN32
              when the start and end points were identical (STR
  • Fl_Input and Fl_Text_Editor now hide the mouse pointer
              when typing into them (STR #1466)
  • Implemented alpha blending for Quartz, WIN32, and X11
  • Check buttons did not redraw properly with box() set to
              FL_NO_BOX (STR #1440)
  • Added the Bluecurve-inspired scheme "gtk+".
  • Updated documentation (STR #1420, STR #1421)
  • Fixed font caching issue (STR #1415)
  • Fixed crash in fl_file_chooser (STR #1410)
  • Fixed Fluid hotspot bug (STR #1416)
  • Fixed image copy code (STR #1412)
  • Fixed latin-to-roman text conversion (STR #1411)
  • Fixed Cygwin timeout for "select" calls (STR #1151)
  • Improved Mac OS X subwindow handling (STR #1402)
  • Fixed more inconsistencies between fl_draw and
              fl_measure (STR #1408)
  • Fixed fl_measure which mistook a trailing '@@' for a
              symbol (STR #1406)
  • Fixed GLUT behavior on window creation (STR #1403)
  • Fixed OS X bug that would hide tooltips before they
              were shown (STR #1392)
  • Fixed Fl_Tabs tooltip reappearing (STR #1324)
  • Added a new demo game called "Block Attack!"
  • Updated the Sudoku game to show a notice about Hard and
              Impossible puzzles having multiple solutions which are
              not a bug or error (STR #1361)
  • Fixed filechooser to behave as documented when file
              pattern changes (STR #1359)
  • Completed the global function index and added an
              alphabetical list of all methods (STR #1319)
  • Avoiding problems with some platforms that don't
              implement hypot() (STR #1366)
  • Fixed floating point value formatting for Fl_Spinner
              (STR #1331)
  • Fixed Fl_Positioner callback when released (STR #1387)
  • Fixed WIN32 zero size window issue (STR #1387)
  • Fixed Sudoku window positioning (STR #1398)
  • Fluid Code Declarations can now handle C++ style
              comments (STR #1383)
  • Fixed uninitialized data in OS X and WIN32 timeout
              functions (STR #1374).
  • Fixed speed issues when measuring text on OS X with
              Quartz (STR #1386).
  • Fixed focus issues on OS X (STR #1377)
  • Optional precision argument when storing floats or
              doubles in a Preferences file (STR #1381)
  • Fixed callback not called when using arrow keys in
              Fl_Slider (STR #1333)
  • Changing the shortcut of a widget in fluid now marks the
              document as dirty (STR #1382)
  • Fl_Text_Editor now correctly handles middle mouse
              clicks (STR #1384)
  • Added some GLUT4 functions (STR #1370)
  • Added "context_changed()" function for OpenGL windows
              which allows efficient texture loading (STR #1372)
  • Added missing "const" to GLUT call (STR #1371)
  • Fixed stray FL_RELEASE events after clicking system
              areas on OS X (STR #1376)
  • FLUID now only writes definitions of "o" and "w"
              variables as needed, reducing the number of "variable
              is shadowed" warnings from GCC.
  • Added access to Xft font pointer (STR #1328)
  • Fixed endianness in OS X mouse cursor graphics (STR
  • Fixed crash on mixed use of keyboard and mouse for
              Fl_Menu_Button (STR #1356)
  • Fixed Fl_Window::visible() and shown() for OS X
              (STR #1341)
  • Fixed Fl_Window::copy_label() losing copy (STR #1332)
  • Documentation fixes (STR #1336, STR #1329, STR #1339,
              STR #1340)
  • Added support for floating point Fl_Spinner in the
              API, documentation, and Fluid (STR #1331)
  • Repeat button now cancels timeout if it should get
              deactivated during a callback (STR #1330)
  • Added support for assigning Fl_Menu_Items to array
              variables in Fluid (STR #1280)
  • Added --with-archflags configure option to allow
              passing of specific architecture-selection options to
              the compiler and linker.
  • Fixed WIN32 window stacking bug (STR #1296)
  • Fixed wrong code generated by FLUID for Scrollbars (STR
  • Loading a file would not update the Widget Properties
              dialog in FLUID (STR #1326)
  • Fixed key compose sequences for shifted keys (STR
  • Added text selection and copy to Fl_Help_View.
  • Fixed position of popup menu titles (STR #1322)
  • Showing any window will disable the current tooltip
              so it won't pop over menus (STR #1321)
  • Updated documentation to reflect limitation of
              Fl::delete_widget() (STR #1306)
  • Fixed line wrapping in Fl_Text_Display (STR #1227)
  • New function Fl::event_original_key() returns key code
              before NumLock handling.
  • Many OS X Quartz fixes (STR #1310, etc.)
  • Fixed shortcut and default focus for message dialogs
              (STR #1298)
  • Fixed focus issues (STR #1286, STR #1289, STR #1296)
  • Fixed window resizing in OS X (STR #1297)
  • In FLUID, declarations starting with the keyword
              'typedef', 'class', or 'struct' are now treated
              correctly if inside a class (STR #1283)
  • Tabs now show the correct tooltip (STR #1282)
  • Included fltk.spec in (STR #1274)
  • Fixed insufficiently invalidated cache
              in Fl_Browser (STR #1265)
  • Attempt to fix multi monitor issues (STR #1153)
  • Fixed warnings when compiling w/Cygwin (STR #1152)
  • Fixed missing reset of flag in FLUID (STR #1187)
  • Fixed maximizing in OS X (STR #1221)
  • Fixed 'make distclean' to remove binaries inside
              MacOS app packages (STR #1169)
  • FLUID Code Viewer is now truly a viewer, not a text
              editor because edited text can not be saved.
  • Fl_Spinner is now fully supported by FLUID (STR #1158)
  • Fixed usage of deleted object after menu pulldown
              (STR #1162)
  • Calling fl_font(0, 0) under Xft would access a NULL
              pointer (STR #1205)
  • Setting a new value in Fl_Input_ wil now actually move
              cursor to the end of the input field as documented
              (STR #1161)
  • FLUID crashed on WIN32 with international characters
              (STR #1176)
  • Fl_Check_Browser did not allow the user to toggle the
              check boxes (STR #1232)
  • Fl_Help_View crashed on WIN32 with international
              characters (STR #1228)
  • Fl::run() no longer clears resources on WIN32 (STR
  • Fl::add_timeout() leaked resources on OSX (STR #1233)
  • Accented characters could not be entered on OSX (STR
  • The caret key lookup was missing for OS X
  • FLUID didn't handle loading .fl files with
              international characters properly with all compilers
              (STR #1150)
  • Fl_Spinner's minimum() and maximum() "get" methods were
              misspelled (STR #1146)
  • The largefile support changes in 1.1.7 broke binary
              compability for fl_filename_list(); you must now use
              "--enable-largefile" when configuring to get large file
              support, and the large file support definitions are
              added to the output of "fltk-config --cflags" (STR

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