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Article #676: flPhoto 1.3.1

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Article #676: flPhoto 1.3.1

Created at 17:33 Dec 05, 2006 by mike

flPhoto 1.3.1 fixes a slideshow bug and addresses several printing issues. It also adds the phases of the moon to calendars.

Changes include:

  • Image comments can now be shown on matted images.
  • Selecting "any printer" automatically prints to a file.
  • The slideshow would crash if an image didn't have a comment.
  • Calendars used the wrong (too small) font for day-of-the-week and image comments.
  • Multiple entries for the same day were not supported.
  • Calendars now include the phases of the moon.
  • Printing the front or back side of bound calendars did not work.

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