Article #370: How Do I Compile FLTK Under Microsoft Windows?

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Article #370: How Do I Compile FLTK Under Microsoft Windows?

Created at 07:59 Jan 29, 2005 by mike

There are two ways to build FLTK under Microsoft Windows. The first is to use the Visual C++ 6.0 project files under the "visualc" directory. Just open (or double-click on) the "fltk.dsw" file to get the whole shebang, and build the "demo" project.

The second method is to use a GNU-based development tool with the  files in the "makefiles" directory. To build using one of these tools simply copy the appropriate makefile to the main directory and do a make:

copy makefiles\Makefile.<env> Makefile

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From CassieGriffin, 08:47 Nov 03, 2018 (score=3)

FLTK is good Compiler which is developing a tool

This is a good post for a developer that makes FLTK with the help of Microsoft Windows. I have found that this good info for me. error 0x8024200b is give to understand to solve window error under developing tools
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From anamvegas, 02:27 Dec 07, 2005 (score=3)

Hello, I just started this weekend to see FLTK. It's the first time I program with a tool like this, and I just have a problem. I saw in the FAQ's that if I would compile fltk in under Windows I can use Microsoft Visual, open the fltk.dsw and buid the demo classe. But I have 8 errors, all of them like this: "C:\fltk-2.0.x-r4649\src\Widget.cxx(162) : error C2065: 'newstring' : undeclared identifier". I don't know why. Can you help me? Thanks!!

(I'm sorry for my English, but I can't express myself better)
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From habarovsk, 16:58 May 08, 2006 (score=3)

Setting the demo as active project caused all sorts of problems in Visual C. When I left the active project at "Cubeview" (which it happened to be), all compiled fine..
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From mike, 06:33 Dec 07, 2005 (score=2)

This issue should be posted either to the Bugs & Features page or to the fltk.general forum. Thanks!
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