Article #325: HTMLDOC 1.8.24rc1

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Article #325: HTMLDOC 1.8.24rc1

Created at 14:01 Oct 14, 2004 by mike

The first release candidate for HTMLDOC 1.8.24 is now available for download from the HTMLDOC web page at:

This release of HTMLDOC requires a software license key. Customers with existing support contracts will find a license key for HTMLDOC waiting for them on their MyESP account page.

In accordance with the HTMLDOC Configuration Management Plan, you now have until Friday, October 28th to test this release candidate to determine if there are any high-priority problems and report them using the form at:

Reports sent to the HTMLDOC newsgroups or mailing lists are not automatically entered into the database and will not influence the final production release of 1.8.24, so it is very important that you report any problems you identify using the form.

HTMLDOC 1.8.24 adds many new features including native CGI support and multiple headef/footer image support. The new release also fixes a number of rendering bugs and adds workarounds for bugs in Acrobat 6.0.

HTMLDOC is a HTML document conversion and formatting utility for UNIX® and Microsoft® Windows® that produces indexed HTML, Portable Document Format ("PDF"), and Adobe® PostScript® files suitable for printing and on-line viewing.

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