Article #322: fl_connect 1.4

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Article #322: fl_connect 1.4

Created at 08:38 Sep 30, 2004 by ken.yarnall

Version 1.4 is the same as v 1.3, except that it's been built off of fltk 1.1.5rc3.  The web site contains the patch, and prepatched source and rpm files.

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From Anonymous, 21:51 Oct 07, 2004 (score=4)

What is the status of flconnect working with version 2.0 ?  It looks so much cleaner and typesafe that it would be nice to become the standard for 2.0.
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From Ken Yarnall, 11:01 Oct 08, 2004 (score=1)

Applying fl_connect to v2.0 is on my list.  However, I use 1.1.x in my work, and don't develop with 2.0.  Work is busy enough that I haven't got time in the immediate future to migrate the patch. 

I do want to get this done, though, and I'd love to see it adopted to the 2.0 base.

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From Anonymous, 09:26 Oct 04, 2004 (score=3)

Hi, Do you know if fl_connect increase the compiled size? Or it is not affecting the size of the compiled program? Mariwan at
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From Ken Yarnall, 19:23 Oct 06, 2004 (score=3)

The compiled size might increase, but only slightly.  It could also decrease, depending on how you design programs.  You will certainly have to write less code.

You have to be sure to compare to the same thing.  Here's the experiment to try:

(1) Write a program using the current FLTK model, but with member function callbacks.  This means that for each callback, you need to also write a static forwarding function, as described in the FLTK FAQ.  Compile this program and write the size down.

(2) Now install my patched FLTK, and rewrite the above program.  Delete all those forwarding functions, and use fl_connect to connect to the member functions.  fl_connect uses templates to generate those static functions for you, and can actually, in some cases, save space compared to hand-written code.  Recompile, and compare the size to what you found in (1). 

I've not run this little experiment, since the if there is a difference it's clearly not a big one.  I'd love to hear about the results of such an experiment, though.

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From Anonymous, 07:23 Oct 04, 2004 (score=1)

Hi, just a silly question. I have downloaded the FLTK2.DevPack from eFLTK web. I tried to use Dev-C++ to create an FLTK_OPENGL program, but I got many errors of compilation.

Then I changed to FLTK1.1, the fltk1.1.2.DevPak downloaded from Dev-Cpp website. Now I can create and compile FLTK1.1 program successfully. However, once I added the openGL code, there are many linker errors. I am wondering how the parameters should be set in the project compiler setting? I am new of using GCC and dev-c++.

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From Anonymous, 07:28 Oct 04, 2004 (score=1)

Sorry. Post to the wrong place.
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