Article #273: EarthSight 1.0

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Article #273: EarthSight 1.0

Created at 12:07 Apr 05, 2004 by frank.siegert

EarthSight is an Earth viewer application using NASA satellite imagery

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From Robert A, 15:06 Apr 06, 2004 (score=2)

Really nice application Frank! I know schools will be interested in using this program. Looking forward to the linux version. Also, is it possible to zoom in any further since the resolution is so high? Robert A
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From Frank Siegert, 12:44 Apr 07, 2004 (score=1)

Thanks! The Linux version will be out soon, thanks to FLTK. ;) The current Earth resolution (21600 x 10800 pixel, lossy compression) is a tradeoff between manageable size of the application for distribution and quality. I have it running here with 43200 x 21600 pixel, lossless but in this case it fills a CD (650 MByte compressed image data). Maybe I'll do a CD distribution if there is enough interest.
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