Article #214: flPhoto 1.1

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Article #214: flPhoto 1.1

Created at 17:25 Sep 13, 2003 by mike

flPhoto 1.1 is now available for download from:

flPhoto 1.1 adds Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portugese, and Spanish user interfaces, improved calendar printing, improved camera image importing, and a status display showing the number and total size of images in an album. The new release also fixes problems in the HTML export and CRW image support.

flPhoto is a basic image management and display program based on the FLTK toolkit and is provided under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

flPhoto organizes image files into albums which can be printed, viewed as a slideshow, and exported to web pages.  Images can be imported individually, by directory, or from digital cameras using the gPhoto library.  flPhoto can read, write, and display digital camera EXIF information and supports BMP, CRW, JPEG, PhotoCD, and PNG image files.  Image files can be cropped, rotated, scaled, and adjusted via a number of simple filters.

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From Anonymous, 22:48 Sep 14, 2003 (score=4)

I can't get the *.dsp files? So, I don't get the next step!
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From Anonymous, 22:42 Sep 14, 2003 (score=1)

How to compile it to *.exe files?
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From Mike Sweet, 11:25 Sep 20, 2003 (score=3)

It might build with Cygwin, however I don't test or support flPhoto on Windows.
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