Article #1887: FLTK 1.4.x Weekly Snapshot (master)

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Article #1887: FLTK 1.4.x Weekly Snapshot (master)

Created at 00:05 Sep 29, 2023 by WebsiteCron

A new weekly snapshot of FLTK 1.4.x (master) is now available on the download page:

Git revision (commit): 491db97a


Albrecht Schlosser (4):
      Update dependencies
      Fix potential invalid stack variable access in test code
      Regenerate src/Fl_File_Chooser.cxx from its fluid source file
      Update dependencies

ManoloFLTK (5):
      Increase reuse of mmap'ed data by FLTK  Wayland buffer factory
      Slightly simpler Fl_Wayland_Window_Driver::flush()
      New member function Fl_Wayland_Graphics_Driver::create_wld_buffer()
      Add Fl_Timestamp Fl::distant_past()
      Remove "warning: extended initializer lists only available with …"

Matthias Melcher (8):
      FLUID: Fixes regression #777
      FLUID: Typos in docs
      FLUID: adds greatly enhanced Shell Commands (#774)
      Fix for CLEAR flag in Fl_Preferences
      FLUID: minor fixes
      FLUID: fixing settings dialog update
      Make clickable

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