Article #1843: FLTK 1.4.x Weekly Snapshot (master)

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Article #1843: FLTK 1.4.x Weekly Snapshot (master)

Created at 00:05 Dec 16, 2022 by WebsiteCron

A new weekly snapshot of FLTK 1.4.x (master) is now available on the download page:

Git revision (commit): 2ddb27f0


Albrecht Schlosser (7):
      Suppress (GitHub CI/wayland) compiler warning
      Make Fl_ICO_Image::idcount() const
      Windows: fix memory leak caused by RegisterDragDrop (#569)
      Fix compiler warning [-Wmaybe-uninitialized]
      Fix compiler warning: unused variable
      Fix trailing whitespace and dependencies
      Rename some Fl_Flex methods for FLTK compliance (#594)

Greg Ercolano (3):
      Docs: add widget screenshot for Fl_Hor_Nice_Slider
      Added Unicode Boxes unittest and README-unittests.txt
      Move utf-8 box drawing string into .cxx

ManoloFLTK (13):
      New Fl_ICO_Image class to read Windows .ico icon files
      Add new Wayland-specific fl_wl_compositor() function
      Comment only: put Fl_Display_Cairo_Graphics_Driver in class hierarchy
      Fix for "Public members Fl::awake_ring_*_ should be private" (#559)
      "Public members Fl::awake_ring_*_ should be private" (#559) - cont'd
      Text positioning different in 1.4.x vs 1.3.x (#568) - cont'd
      Use correct syntax to befriend a class
      Add new members Fl_Widget::bind_{de}image(Fl_Image*) to CHANGES.txt
      Package libxinerama-dev is required for the Wayland platform
      Fix for "Build on FreeBSD fails: linux/input.h not found" (#584)
      Add information about Wayland support by FLTK on the RaspberryPi
      macOS: Add "Show hidden files" button to native file chooser
      Fix for "Recent macos build issues" (#598)

Matthias Melcher (7):
      Fixes OpenGL complex polygons when scaling (#576)
      FLUID event handling and UI changes (#575)
      Fixes some implicit type cast warnings
      Fixes some VC compiler warnings
      Defer opening the display as much as possible (#586)
      Fluid preview now copies text attributes (#587)
      Add option to bind images to a widget (#589)

wcout (1):
      Fix Fl_Text_Display drawing of line numbers (#578)

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