Article #1780: FLTK 1.4.x Weekly Snapshot (master)

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Article #1780: FLTK 1.4.x Weekly Snapshot (master)

Created at 00:05 Nov 12, 2021 by WebsiteCron

A new weekly snapshot of FLTK 1.4.x (master) is now available on the download page:

Git revision (commit): 654e20ff


Albrecht Schlosser (10):
      Make "FLTK_CONSOLIDATE_MOTION" user-definable (issue #76)
      Fix X11 build with FLTK_CONSOLIDATE_MOTION turned off
      Add new resize examples to demo menu, remove figure numbers
      Merge pull request #165 from engelsman/dox-resize-example5
      Add new resize examples to Makefile, update dependencies
      Add missing files (executables) to .gitignore files
      Fix a fluid crash when writing a template screenshot
      Refactor fluid: make fl_write_png() public
      Support all image depths (1-4) in fl_write_png()
      CMake: Build fluid when cross-compiling

Duncan Gibson (1):
      Add new resize example to test and dox (PR #165)

ManoloFLTK (1):
      Fix for issue #279 about detecting early retina with GL windows.

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