Article #1713: FLTK 1.4.x Weekly Snapshot (master)

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Article #1713: FLTK 1.4.x Weekly Snapshot (master)

Created at 00:05 Jul 17, 2020 by WebsiteCron

A new weekly snapshot of FLTK 1.4.x (master) is now available on the download page:

Git revision (commit): a0638273


Albrecht Schlosser (7):
      Fluid: fix "trailing whitespace" errors (#100)
      Update Fl_Window docs, fix typos
      Windows: convert error message to UTF-8
      Fix old URL's and forum/newsgroup names
      CMake: refactor and reformat CMake files
      Windows: add icon to sudoku.exe (PR #36)
      Documentation: update clock demo images

Duncan Gibson (2):
      add resize documentation as per STR3433
      fix doxygen links in Fl_Group.H

Greg Ercolano (6):
      A few extra comments for table-spreadsheet.
      First pass at fixing issue 99
      Extra fool-proofing, and suggested use of strerror_r()
      setlocale() added to Fl_File_Chooser demos
      Import Albrecht's utf8 mods for FormatMessage() to fluid
      Merge branch 'issue-99a': add OS error messages to Fl_File_Chooser

ManoloFLTK (3):
      Fix for building without print support (GitHub issue #98).
      Simpler code to support layer-based views that occur when macOS ≥ 10.14
      Restore file icons to 3 macOS test apps who have one

Robert Schumacher (1):
      Convert Fl_Group::array_ to union to better represent its behavior

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