Article #1655: Updated version of vtkFLTK (VTK+FLTK bridge code)

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Article #1655: Updated version of vtkFLTK (VTK+FLTK bridge code)

Created at 17:30 Jul 05, 2019 by pdhahn

Please see github repository pdhahn/vtkFLTK-V8.x-F1.4. The README text there describes how to build and link with the code.

The updated code is based on the original vtkFLTK project found on SourceForge, authored and copyrighted by Sean McInerney. Code changes have been made as necessary for the purpose of updating / porting so that modern versions of VTK and FLTK can be utilized.

The license is BSD-like, consistent with the license in the original code.

This update works only on Linux, and (for now) specifically CentOS 6 with the combination VTK 8.1 and FLTK 1.4. Presumably, other combinations may work also, but have not been evaluated.

Most of the original examples have been ported and seem to work OK.

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