Article #165: flews 0.3

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Article #165: flews 0.3

Created at 09:36 May 16, 2003 by daniel.barrero

New improved and extended version of FLEWS  is out (v.0.3)..

WHAT IS Fl_flews?

Fl_flews is a set of additional extended widgets for the excellent
    FLTK library.

It contains the following widgets:

  • Fl_Value_Slider_Input : Similar to the Fl_Value_Slider widget
                                with an added editable text field.

  • Fl_Value_Input_Spin :   Same functionality as the Fl_Value_Input widget
                                extended with spin buttons and full editable input.    
  • Fl_Spin :               A Spin button widget.
  • Fl_Ball :               A 3D ball widget, Works as a virtual trackball,
                                it's similar to the rotate widget of GLUI(see below)
                                but doesn't requires a 3D library (it uses the
                                included Fl_Quaternion class for calculating the
                                ball orientation)
  • Fl_Multi_Value_Slider:  A special kind of slider composed of multiple
                                segments (i.e.: like the ones used to edit
                                color gradients in most graphical applications)
  • Fl_Pack_2D:             A widget that works like the Fl_Pack widget but can
                                have more than one column/row of widgets, is
                                very useful for implementing icon toolbars.

Flews also contains the following helper functions and classes:

  • gl_image:                Converts an FLTK shared image Fl_Image into an
                                openGL texture, works the same way as glTexImage
                                and converts all registered image formats of FLTK
                                into whatever internal ogl format you want.

  • Fl_Quaternion:           Quaternion handling class, allows conversions
                                from/to vector-angle, matrix, euler.

  • fl_trackball:            includes a trackball implementation, uses the
                                Fl_Quaternion class (defined on the same file as the
                                quaternion class).
  • fl_rotMatrixToEuler:     Receives a 4x4 rotation matrix and converts it to a
                                set of euler angles (around axis (x,y,z)).

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From sergei serj, 09:50 May 20, 2003 (score=1)

Excelent i think that's the right way to make a cool optimized GUI, leaving the unnececary thing out of the main code and still be able to use better widgets. i do thing some of the fltk widgets are quite ugly but that doesn't matter right.
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