Article #1611: FLTK Moved to Git and to a new Server on Dec 1, 2018

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Article #1611: FLTK Moved to Git and to a new Server on Dec 1, 2018

Created at 05:50 Oct 20, 2018 by AlbrechtS

Last modified at 03:34 Aug 25, 2019

The FLTK Team is proud to announce that we moved our source code repository to Git and the FLTK website to a new server.

The FLTK Source Code Repository Moved to GitHub.

Our source code repository is now available via Git on GitHub. It has been split in two repositories with a common core.

The Main FLTK Code Repository

The main and only development repository is available on GitHub:

This repository includes all released branches (1.0, 1.1, 1.3) and the current development branch (1.4). The development branch is named 'master' which is a common Git convention. The other previously released branches are named 'branch-1.0', 'branch-1.1', and 'branch-1.3' respectively.

FLTK 1.3.x (branch-1.3) is in maintenance mode and gets only serious bug fixes and the latest macOS updates since Apple changed internal drawing API's that made previous FLTK versions up to 1.3.4-2 fail to render windows on the latest macOS 10.14 (Mojave) when built with the latest development tools (Xcode 10, SDK 10.14). A known workaround is to build FLTK 1.3.4 with Xcode 9 and/or SDK 10.13).

FLTK 1.3.5 is scheduled to be released in December 2018.

FLTK 1.4.x (branch 'master') is the current development branch. There is no release schedule yet.

The FLTK "Legacy" Repository

This repository contains all previous test versions that have never been released and are abandoned by the core FLTK development team. These versions are retained for history in this repository and can be retrieved from GitHub:

There are no plans to continue development in any of these abandoned branches:

  • branch-1.2 = FLTK 1.2
  • branch-2.0 = FLTK 2.0 (previous svn 'trunk')
  • branch-3.0 = FLTK 3.0 (an attempt to "unfork" FLTK 1.3 and 2.0)

For more informations on the different FLTK versions see Article #825: What are the Versions of FLTK?

The FLTK Website Moved to a new Server

The new FLTK server supports exclusively secure "https" access (SSL/TLS):

Old "http:" URL's are redirected to their new "https:" locations, hence old bookmarks and published links are still working.

We recommend to update your bookmarks and links for faster access though (redirection requires one server roundtrip which needs some time).

Server Location and Timezone Changes

The new server is located at the US west coast in Fremont, California whereas the old server was located at the US east coast. Hence there are three hours time difference between stored timestamps because they are displayed in the new server's local timezone (UTC +8) as opposed to the old server's timezone (UTC +5).

The FLTK News Server Moved with the Website

  • If you used '' for your news configuration then everything should work w/o changes on your side.
  • If you used '' for your news configuration then you will need to adjust your news configuration and resubscribe. For more information see the Forums Page.

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