Article #1591: Git for FLTK Developers

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Article #1591: Git for FLTK Developers

Created at 00:43 Jun 28, 2018 by AlbrechtS

Last modified at 06:24 Feb 11, 2019

This article is intended to be used by FLTK developers. It will cover some hints and conventions that can be used by FLTK developers to handle the FLTK GitHub repository and to push their changes to the repository.

The basics for accessing the FLTK Git Repository on GitHub are covered in article #1349: Git for FLTK Users. Please read this article first if you need more info.

Requesting Developer Access

You need a GitHub account to get write (push) access to the FLTK git repository. If you are a FLTK developer (i.e. you had write access to the previous FLTK Subversion repository) and if you have a GitHub account you can notify the FLTK maintainers that you request write access to the GitHub repository and we will grant you write access.

Note: There is no well-defined way to request write access yet.

One way would be to open an issue and mention the FLTK team with @FLTK or post a message in fltk.coredev. You should make clear who you are (for instance, tell us your FLTK user name) so we can trust you that you are really the named FLTK developer. We may ask you for details if there are any doubts...

When we know your GitHub user name and want to grant you push access to the repository you will get a mail that the FLTK organization wants to add you as a member. You need to confirm this. After confirmation you will have push access to the repository.

This is work in progress and may be changed in the future.

Pushing to the FLTK Git Repository

Assuming that you cloned the FLTK git repository in the usual way you will have the remote "origin" pointing at GitHub:

$ git remote -v
origin (fetch)
origin (push)

When you try to push you may be asked for your username and password. Enter your own GitHub username and password. This will allow you to push your changes to the FLTK repository.

I believe this username and password will be stored internally by Git so you don't need to enter it again later. I'm not sure about this right now because I configured my own git access differently. Please try yourself, and see below for more info.

Configure GitHub Access to the FLTK Repository

There are several ways to configure your GitHub access with different access methods. GitHub has lots of information (help pages) regarding this and I don't want to duplicate this information. Please follow the links below...

If you like using ssh access w/o password, using a public key as described in the GitHub help links above, you may want to read this:

Branching and Merging

To be done...

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