Article #155: Fl_Table 1.20

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Article #155: Fl_Table 1.20

Created at 12:41 Mar 30, 2003 by greg.ercolano

Last modified at 13:02 Apr 09, 2013

Inspired by the Flvw 'table' widget, which appears to no longer be maintained, so I rewrote it from scratch. Tested with fltk-1.1.3.

A generic table widget for rows + columns. Has several simple example programs showing how to use it.

A clean implementation (IMHO) with complete documentation. Hopefully can be added to FLTK someday. Very easy to include in a program, Makefiles for all supported platforms (Windows/Linux/MacOSX/Irix). There are Screenshots and documentation.

    NOTE: As of April 2010, Fl_Table has been added to FLTK 1.3.x.
    So it is now included with fltk and is no longer developed as a separate project.


     All new Fl_Table development is being done on the FLTK version of it,
     though I've left the frozen 'separate project' up for those working
     with older versions of FLTK that still need it.

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