Article #146: fl_connect 1.1

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Article #146: fl_connect 1.1

Created at 09:03 Mar 03, 2003 by ken.yarnall

Added a new class, Fl_Idle, which provides an interface to the idle callback facility that resembles Fl_Timeout (Idle callbacks are sort of like repeating timeouts with a delay of 0). 

Also, the test code for Fl_Timeout is much improved, and a new test program for Fl_Idle has been added.

Finally, there are some minor internal changes to the structure of the code that should have no impact on anyone.  A new header resulted from this (Fl_Callback_Types.H), but like Fl_Callback.H, an application programmer will never include this one directly.

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From Ken Yarnall, 07:10 Mar 07, 2003 (score=1)

Andre Fornacon has created a version of the patch suitable for the efltk fork of FLTK.  There's a link to this patch on the fl_connect web page.

Thanks, Andre!

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