Article #1402: ANN: pyFltk-1.3.3

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Article #1402: ANN: pyFltk-1.3.3

Created at 00:40 Jan 05, 2015 by andreasheld

Last modified at 23:36 Feb 02, 2015

This is to announce the availability of pyFltk-1.3.3, the Python bindings for fltk-1.3.3. pyFltk can be downloaded from Sourceforge: Source code packages and Windows binaries are provided for Python 2.7 as well as Python 3.4. [ Listing ]


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From greg.ercolano, 07:46 Feb 05, 2015 (score=4)

Nice! I'll probably give this a try..

Python is a pretty great scripting language; the film/video computer graphics/special effects industries have really embraced it over the last 10 years, and it's been well received.

Much simpler language than perl; easy on the eyes, very modular, and classes are easy to make and use.
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