Article #1369: Fl_Highlight_Editor 0.2

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Article #1369: Fl_Highlight_Editor 0.2

Created at 18:07 Jun 05, 2014 by sanel.z

This release brings new set of features and bug fixes. Some highlights:

  • Added mode/highlighting support for fluid .fl files
  • Added modes/highlighting support for make and html files
  • Updated manual
  • Simplified 'define-mode': now all modes have uniform interface
  • Added two themes: dark and lite with appropriate colors
  • New functions callable from mode files, like set-tab-expand, editor-set-cursor-colorand etc.
  • User can change FLTK font face with editor-set-fltk-font-face; with this if you call, e.g. (editor-set-fltk-font-face FL_COURIER "inconsolata"), default font will be "Inconsolata" as FL_COURIER is default font face
  • and more tiny bits...
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