Article #134: FL-Inventor 0.9.5-rev1

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Article #134: FL-Inventor 0.9.5-rev1

Created at 14:01 Jan 28, 2003 by fabien.costantini

Now a unified install/include directory is furthered in the distrib for more compilation facilities. Under linux, you can regenerate this dir by running the mk_inc script at the root of the distrib

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From Fabien Costantini, 01:44 Feb 02, 2003 (score=3)

I am greatly interested on people trying to port fl-inventor to other unix platforms... It should be quite simple to do but as I currently have only i386 platform I cannot test it.

Any try / comment / feedback on other unixes (on SUn,HP-UX,SGI,etc..) is welcome.

TIA, Fabien.

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