Article #1324: 3DRACS 1.8.0

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Article #1324: 3DRACS 1.8.0

Created at 19:53 Aug 27, 2013 by Furkan

  • Added a powerful phase unwrapping algorithm which solves discontinuities problem during 3D scanning.
  • Added a powerful refine smooth algorithm for pointclouds and meshes.
  • A lots of improvements in the scanning module. Switching of fringe patterns is now merged into the Live camera module.
  • Major fixes in the Live camera module, thread, recording, etc.
  • Improved all phase-unwrapping algorithms, made them robust and efficient for noisy and complicated surfaces.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when a user tried to import a corrupted image.
  • Fixed capturing colors during 360 degree scanning.
  • Added various filters into the Colorize module.
  • Improved virtual 3D scanner by adding various phase-unwrapping algorithms which corrects discontinuities.
  • Now any theme can be selected as a default startup theme.
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