Article #1253: FLTK 1.3.1 maintenance version released!

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Article #1253: FLTK 1.3.1 maintenance version released!

Created at 14:59 Nov 06, 2012 by matt


  • Fixed utf_strncasecmp and utf_strcasecmp

  • Moved all inline constructors into source file to avoid bad DLLs

  • Fixed Fl_Widget::copy_label() and Fl_Window::copy_label() when called with the old label() (STR #2836)

  • Fixed Fl_Input_::maximum_size() documentation and replace() method to honor maximum_size() as number of allowed characters (STR #2747).

  • Fixed a potential crash if Fl_Double_Window::flush() was called before show()

  • Fixed regression (in FLTK 1.3.0) that could clear a radio button by using the keyboard (space or shortcut) (STR #2748)
  • Fixed fl_pie() drawing too small on X11 (STR #2703)

  • Fixed Fl_Menu issue with unusual menu flags (STR #2680)
  • Fixed Windows DLL import of fl_xid() (STR #2670)
  • Added Fl::screen_work_area() functions that compute the work area of a screen. These functions improve the positioning of menus. Changed Fl::x(), Fl::y(), Fl::w(), Fl::h() functions to return the origin and size of the work area of the main screen (STR #2695 + 2697)

  • Created the FL_SCREEN_CONFIGURATION_CHANGED event that is triggered when a screen is added, removed, moved or when resolution is changed (STR #2600)
  • Improved the description of page size and orientation by Fl_PostScript_File_Device.

  • Added support for horizontal wheel movement under X11 and MSWindows Vista and above (STR #2644).


(To enable the following ABI features, put: #define FLTK_ABI_VERSION 10301 at the top of your FL/Enumerations.H and rebuild FLTK and your app)

  • Fl_Tree optimized to support large trees (eg. 100k items): Added _next_sibling and _prev_sibling to Fl_Tree_Item class, and support methods.

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